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Close Relationships Lab

The Close Relationships Lab is located in the Department of Psychology at Simon Fraser University and is directed by Dr. Rebecca Cobb, Ph.D. At the Close Relationships Lab, our goal is to better understand close relationships, particularly those between romantic partners. Close relationships can be incredibly important sources of support and happiness, however, developing and maintaining satisfying relationships is not always easy. We aim to examine how variables such as mental health, attachment, communication, forgiveness, and body image can impact both relationship and sexual satisfaction among couples. Most recently, our research has focused on understanding relationship initiation as well as the role of communication in romantic partner's sexual relationship.

Announcements and Congratulations!

Doing an exchange or work study semester away from your home university? Will you be in a long-distance relationship during your semester away? Join our Long-Distance Relationship Study. Clink here for more information.

Are you married with no kids? Want to help researchers learn more about married couples’ daily lives? To learn more about the Couples Daily Experiences Study, please call 778-782-7155 or email couples@sfu.ca.

Exciting news! Our incoming student, Richard Rigby has received MA SSHRC funding for the Fall.

Congratulations to Jill Logan, who has received the SFU President's PhD Scholarship (PS). The PS rewards PhD students who have made excellent progress in their degree, and who have demonstrated academic excellence, substantial scholarly output and leadership early in their PhD prgram relative to their peers.

Congratulations to Marissa Bowsfield, who has been awarded the MD Angus & Associates Graduate Fellowship in Psychology.

Congratulations to Roanne Millman, who has received the Marilyn Bowman Award in recognition of her research excellence.

Congratulations to Brittany Lasanen, who has received the Brendan Midgley and Joseph Stryjak Celebration of Life Award ($1700) for her service and leadership at SFU.

Congratulations to Danny Doerksen, who has received the Mary Batchelor Memorial Award ($1500) for his service and leadership at SFU.

Exciting news! Lab members (Marissa Bowsfield, Jenny Pink, Roanne Millman, and Jennifer Trew) have presented a symposium at CPA in June entitled "Individual and Relational Predictors of Intimate Partners’ Sexual Satisfaction."

Congratulations to Jessica Ferreira who received a CIHR Master's Award and will be joining the SFU Close Relationships Lab as a Clinical Master's student this fall.

Brittany Lasanen will be starting her Honours project this Fall, focusing on how dating couples maintain relationships when separated during co-op or work abroad semesters.

Lauren McRae will be starting her Honours project this Fall, focusing on how newlywed couples' monogamy agreements are related to extradyadic involvement and marital satisfaction.

Congratulations to Dorianna Dickinson and Ali Zokol (former RAs in the lab) who have received tri-council funding and will be starting the MA program in Counselling Psychology at UBC this Fall!

Congratulations to Erin Fuller (former lab member) who will be starting the MA program in Clinical Psychology at SFU this Fall!

Congratulations to Jill Logan and Roanne Millman who have both successfully matched with residency programs beginning in the Fall! Jill will be heading to the Eastern Health Clinical Psychology Pre-doctoral Residency Program in Newfoundland and Roanne, a bit closer to home, will be going to the Calgary Clinical Psychology Residency program in Alberta.