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Close Relationships Lab

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The Close Relationships Lab is located in the Department of Psychology at Simon Fraser University and is directed by Dr. Rebecca Cobb, Ph.D. At the Close Relationships Lab, our goal is to better understand close relationships, particularly those between romantic partners. Close relationships can be incredibly important sources of support and happiness, however, developing and maintaining satisfying relationships is not always easy. We aim to examine how variables such as mental health, attachment, communication, forgiveness, and body image can impact both relationship and sexual satisfaction among couples. Most recently, our research has focused on understanding relationship initiation as well as the role of communication in romantic partner's sexual relationship.

Announcements and Congratulations!

Congratulations to Brittany Dennett, Brittany Lasanen, and Linda Magyari who were each accepted to the Canadian Psychological Association conference this June in Montreal! 

Congratulations to Jill Logan for being accepted into the International Association Relationship Research symposium on couple communication.

Congratulations to Julia Hindy! Julia Hindy has been awarded the Crocker Family Scholarship for her work on sexual health measures with Rachel Fouladi.

Jennifer Pink has matched to the Calgary Clinical Psychology Residency program in Alberta, and will begin this Fall!

Lauren McRae presented her honours research on relationship boundary agreements at the Canadian Psychological Association Conference this June in Toronto!

Brittany Lasanen has been awarded the Canadian Psychological Association Certificate of Excellence for her Honours Research, and the Certificate of Teaching Excellence from the Council of Canadian Departments of Psychology (CCDP) in recognition of her outstanding performance asa Teaching Assistant in the Department of Psychology over this past year.

Congratulations to Lauren McRae, who has received the London Drugs 60th Anniversary Student Award for service.

Congratulations to Linda Magyari, who has received the Simon Fraser University Seniors Lifelong Learners Society Community Service Award.

Congratulations to Brittany Lasanen, who has been awarded the M. Kendall Psychology Award for her contributions to the measurement of human behaviour.

Congratulations to Lauren McRae, who has been awarded the Mary Batchelor Memorial Award for service and academic achievement.

Congratulations to Danny Doerksen, who has been awarded the Tim Rahilly SFU Campus Community Service Award.

Exciting news! Our incoming student, Richard Rigby has received MA SSHRC funding for the Fall.