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Welcome to the Studies in Methodology and Philosophy of Psychological Science Lab

The Studies in Methodology and Philosophy of Psychological Science at Simon Fraser University, directed by Kathleen Slaney, conducts research in areas of history and philosophy of science, analysis of various theoretical systems in psychology, with an emphasis on statistical and measurement practices.


Theoretical psychology consists in a diverse group of scholars, focusing on a broad and ramifying range of topics, employing a variety of approaches and methods in their scholarship. Thus, the answer to the question "What is theoretical psychology?" largely depends on to whom the question is put. In the Studies in Methodology and Philosophy of Psychology lab in Psychology at SFU, we employ an array of tools from theoretical psychology—including conceptual, philosophical, and historical analysis, mixed (i.e., quantitative-qualitative) methods research design, and a variety of other methods for characterizing the major theoretical and epistemological approaches to the study of psychological and related phenomena. Our primary aim is to understand how psychological researchers approach their subject matter, and to clarify where their philosophical, theoretical, and methodological approaches/rationales are sound and where they are not.


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