Simon Fraser University

Research Labs in Psychology at SFU

These websites represent some of the research labs and groups that are found in the Department of Psychology at Simon Fraser University.

Lab Name



Adolescent Health Laboratory   Dr. Marlene Moretti
Adolescent Risk and Resilience Lab   Dr. Jodi Viljoen
Autism Lab   Dr. Grace Iarocci
Behavioural & Cognitive Neuroscience Institute   Dr. Urs Ribary
Children's Memory Research Group   Dr. Deborah Connolly
Close Relationships Lab   Dr. Rebecca Cobb
Cognitive Aging Laboratory   Dr. Wendy Thornton
Cognitive Science Lab (CSL)   Dr. Mark Blair
Culture and Development Lab   Dr. Tanya Broesch
Early Social Development Group   Dr. Jeremy Carpendale
Helping and Happiness Lab   Dr. Lara Aknin
Human Electrophysiology Lab   Dr. John McDonald
Human Neuropsychology Lab    Dr. Allen Thornton
Institute for the Reduction of Youth Violence   Dr. Robert McMahon
Intergroup Relations and Social Justice Lab   Dr. Stephen Wright
Laboratory for Affective Developmental Neuroscience   Dr. Mario Liotti
Measurement and Modelling Lab   Dr. Rachel Fouladi
Mental Health and Youth Justice Lab   Dr. Jodi Viljoen
Mental Health Law and Policy Institute (MHLPI)   Dr. Ronald Roesch
Personality and Emotion Research (PERL)   Dr. Alex Chapman
Sustainability, Identity, and Social Change Lab   Dr. Michael Schmitt
Studies in Methodology and Philosophy of Psychological Science Lab   Dr. Kathleen Slaney
Supporting Relationships and Wellbeing Lab   Dr. Yuthika Girme
Vision Lab   Dr. Richard Wright
Weight and Eating Lab   Dr. Shannon Zaitsoff