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MHLPI Publications


To order our publications,
please see the link provided for each manual below

or contact ProActive ReSolutions Inc. (PRI), directly.  


  Tel: 1-877-736-0805 (Toll-free from North America) 
  Fax: 604-669-0145
  E-mail: info@proactive-resolutions.com 

(PRI acts as a distribution agent for the MHLPI.)

The Institute publishes the following books and forensic assessment manuals. 

1. START-AV $70.00 ISBN: 978-0-86491-353-1

Viljoen, J. L., Nicholls, T. L., Cruise, K. R., Desmarais, S. L., & Webster, C. D. (with contributions from Beneteau-Douglas, J.). Short-Term Assessment of Risk and Treatability: Adolescent Version (START:AV).

Intended for use with male and female adolescents (12-18) in mental health and justice settings, the START:AV facilitates a review of an adolescent’s histories and short-term risk for multiple adverse outcomes including harm to others and rule violations (violence, non-violent offences, substance abuse, unauthorized absences) and harm to the adolescent (suicide, non-suicidal self-injury, victimization, health neglect). START:AV assessments can be used to guide evidence-based intervention-planning, facilitate communication among professionals involved in the adolescent’s care, and provide a framework and common language in developing and monitoring risk and intervention plans.

2.  HCR-20 V3  $110.00  

K.S. Douglas, S.D. Hart, C.D. Webster, H. Belfrage (2013). HCR-20 Assessing Risk for Violence V3 (2013) Manual and Worksheets.

Version 3 of the HCR-20 will be available in Spring 2013. It retains the features that made Version 2 so popular and successful and incorporates cutting-edge developments in practice, including case formulation and scenario planning methods. The HCR-20 V3 User Guide contains all the information needed to administer, code, and interpret the HCR-20 V3. Each unit contains 1 User Guide.The HCR-20 V3 Worksheets assist evaluation and documentation using the HCR-20 V3. Each unit contains 50 Worksheets

Order HCR-20 Version 3 here




ISBN 0-86491-157-2



Webster, C. D., Douglas, K. S., Eaves, D., & Hart, S. D. (1997).  HCR-20: Assessing risk for violence (Version 2)Burnaby, BC: Simon Fraser University, Mental Health, Law, and Policy Institute. 

The HCR-20 (Version 2) provides a structure for evaluating risk of violence.

HCR-20 Report Review of Empirical Literature (pdf) - free

Order HCR-20 Version 2 here




ISBN 0-86491-228-5



Douglas, K. S., Webster, C.D., Hart, S. D., Eaves, D., & Ogloff, J. R. P. (2001).  HCR-20 violence risk management companion guideBurnaby, BC: Simon Fraser University, Mental Health, Law, and Policy Institute. 

Outlines current strategies through which violence potential can be reduced.  This is done with respect to the 10 "dynamic" or changeable variables within the HCR-20 scheme.

Order HCR-20 Companion Guide here




ISBN 1-895553-52-O



Hart, S.D., Kropp, P.R., & Laws, D.R. with Klaver, J., Logan, C., & Watt, K.A. (2003).  The Risk for Sexual Violence Protocol (RSVP).  Burnaby, BC: Simon Fraser University, Mental Health, Law, and Policy Institute.

A set of guidelines for assessing risk of sexual violence. The guidelines concern both the procedure and the content of risk assessments.  They specify how the risk assessment should be conducted, as well as which risk factors should be assessed.

Order RSVP Manual here.







RSVP Worksheetshelp evaluators to conduct sexual violence risk assessments according to the procedure outlined in the RSVP manual. They ensure comprehensive evaluations and help to manage liability by facilitating adherence to the guidelines, as well as accurate documentation of information. The Worksheets are 8 pages in length and come in packages of 25.

Order RSVP Worksheets here.







Nicholls, T. L., Roesch, R., Olley, M. C., Ogloff, J. R. P., & Hemphill, J. F. (2005). Jail Screening Assessment Tool (JSAT): Guidelines for mental health screening in jails. Burnaby, BC: Simon Fraser University, Mental Health, Law, and Policy Institute.

The JSAT is a brief semi-structured interview designed to identify mental health problems and risk for suicide, self-harm, violence, and victimization among new admissions to jails and pretrial facilities. 

Order JSAT here.




ISBN 0-86491-206-4



Boer, D. P., Hart, S. D., Kropp, P. R., & Webster, C. D. (1997).  Manual for the Sexual Violence Risk–20: Professional guidelines for assessing risk of sexual violence.  Burnaby, BC: Simon Fraser University, Mental Health, Law, and Policy Institute. 

The SVR-20 is a set of guidelines designed to assist evaluations of risk for sexual violence. It is appropriate for use in cases where an individual has committed or is alleged to have committed an act of sexual violence.

Order SVR-20 here.




ISBN 13-978-1-56887-104-2



Roesch, R., Zapf, P. A., & Eaves, D. (2006). Fitness Interview Test—Revised: A structured interview for assessing competency to stand trial. Sarasota, FL: Professional Resource Press. The Fitness Interview Test - Revised (FIT-R) is a structured interview for assessing a person's competence to stand trial. Originally designed for use in Canada, this version of the instrument is applicable for use in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain. Although the manual has been updated to include a review of both U.S. and Canadian law and procedure, except for minor wording changes, the instrument itself has not been changed. A CD-ROM has been added to the manual that permits the purchaser to reproduce an unlimited number of full page (8 1/2 x 11) questionnaires for use with clients.

Order FIT-R here.



$70.00  ISBN 0-86491-288-9


Authors: Zapf, P. A. (2006)

The Suicide Assessment Manual for Inmates (SAMI) is an assessment guide and rating scale that provides a framework of important variables to assess in evaluating an incarcerated individual's risk for suicide. It was developed to provide structure to assessments of suicide risk for individuals who are detained in pretrial facilities. The SAMI consists of a checklist of 20 risk factors that were identified through a review of the literature on suicide, in general, as well as suicide in jails and prisons. The purpose of this instrument is to guide evaluators through relevant, important information and risk factors that should be assessed to determine an inmate's risk for suicide while in detention.

Order SAMI here. 

11.  DLTO



Eaves, D., Douglas, K. S., Webster, C. D., Ogloff, J. R. P., & Hart, S. D. (2000).  Dangerous and long-term offenders: An assessment guide.  Burnaby, BC: Simon Fraser University, Mental Health, Law, and Policy Institute. 

This manual provides a guide for mental health professionals conducting assessments of offenders who are being considered under dangerous or long-term offender provisions of the CanadianCriminal Code.

Order DLTO here.


12. MDCC  $70.00

ISBN 0-86491-220-X

     Eaves, D., Ogloff, J. R. P., & Roesch, R. (2000).  Mental disorders and the Criminal Code: Legal background and contemporary perspectives.   Burnaby, BC: Simon Fraser University, Mental Health, Law, and Policy Institute. 

This book provides commentary and empirical data regarding the mental disorder provisions of the Canadian Criminal Code.

Order MDCC here.