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Measurement and Modelling Lab

Current Students/Research Assistants*

RAs starting before Spring 2017
Jamie Hystad (Behavioral Neural Sciences/Psychology), ongoing + Directed Studies; Fall 2016-ongoing
Adrienne Khaw (Psychology) formerly on International Exchange, Study Abroad in Singapore in Spring 2017; Spring 2016-ongoing
Christina Tang (Psychology/Mathematics) -- starting SFU Psychology HQT graduate program Sept 2018

RAs starting in Spring 2017
Hannah Fikkert (Psychology/Counselling & Human Development), Spring 2017-ongoning
Zhi Yuh Ou Yang (Statistics/Actuarial Sciences), Spring 2017-ongoing (workstudy funding)

New RAs starting in Summer 2017
Julia Hindy (Psychology), Summer 2017-ongoing + Directed Studies
Michael McCahon (Psychology), Summer 2017-Spring 2018
Tomi Mustapha (Math/Computer Science), Summer 2017-Fall 2017 Spring 2018-Fall 2018 (workstudy funding), Spring 2018-ongoing 
Paul Serafini (Psychology), Summer 2017-ongoing + Directed Studies

New RAs starting in Spring 2018
Ka Wai Sim (Computer Science), Spring 2018
Pooya Jamali (Computer Science) Workstudy Spring 2018
Bita Aghahossein Parsa (Health Sciences), Workstudy Spring 2018
Tova Dang (Health Sciences, Minor in Linguistics) Workstudy Spring 2018

New RAs starting in Summer 2018
Lindsay Alley (Psychology/Philosophy), Summer 2018-ongoing
Ali-Reza Ahmadi (Computer Science-FIC) Summer 2018-ongoing
Lihang Ye (Economics), Workstudy Summer 2018-ongoing

*Volunteer RAs and Work-study RAs included


Former Graduate Students (select)

Patricia Wallis (MA. SFU), now Research Associate
Alexis Georgeson (MA SFU), now Graduate Student at UNC-Chapel Hill
Ron Yockey (PhD UT- Austin), now Faculty member at CSU-Fresno 
Y-Y. Shieh (PhD UT-Austin), former Research Statff at American Institutes for Research, currently employed by US.Gov


Former Honor's Students

Natalie Kalmet (BA SFU), now Post PhD from Queen's University


Former Research Assistants and/or Directed Studies (select)

Alessandro Metta, now Graduate student in Clinical Psychology
Ramsay Malange, now MPH
Alison St. Arnaud B.A. Linguistics/ minor Psychology, Spring 2016-Summer 2017, now applying for graduate school
Jane Buckshon (Psychology/Sociology) B.A. in progress; RA Summer 2015-Summer 2016 (workstudy funding Spring 2016)
Victoria Saunders (Psychology/Kinesiology) B.A. in progress; workstudy RA Spring 2016
William Lou (Statistics) B.Sc in progress; work-study RA Summer 2017, starting co-op with Federal Government in data analysis
Sarah Yorston (Criminology/Political Science), Spring 2017 (workstudy funding), on International Exchange in Sweden Fall 2017
Michael McCahon (Psychology), Summer 2017-Spring 2018